Option “Fire tankers with integrated system NATISK”

This type of vehicles is essentially a standard fire tankers with NATISK system balloon options integrated into the system. Integration is possible on almost any car chassis.

The following NATISK installations can be integrated into FT:



Built-in stationary NATISK balloon systems are offered to the customer for strengthening the extinguishing function (additionally supplies up to 1,500 liters of highly effective compression foam). In addition, these vehicles are necessary for the customer for understanding the function of extinguishing with compression foam for the subsequent ordering of a full-fledged vehicle with the NATISK system. Integrated NATISK systems installing on fire tankers for a minimal surcharge and practically do not affect the on cost of a conventional classic FT.
The most popular FT models for integration NATISK systems in them:

Dear customers!

Cases of contacting us with the request of installation mobile installations NATISK on car chassis have become more frequent.

Please note:

NATISK mobile units are designed for stationary use, and they can also be installed in a trailer, pickup or on their own wheelbase. BUT, for installattion of NATISK on a car chassis, integration into the car system is necessary! The integration process is technologically complicated, requires time and financial costs. Integration of the NATISK system on the car chassis is possible only at the production facilities of FVP “Spetsavtotekhnika” (Yekaterinburg).

Beware of fakes!