Repair and attendance

Firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” produces reliable and high-quality equipment. For a variety of factors (work with toxic and aggressive substances, improper operation and storage, inadequate and not timely maintenance, tear wear and etc.), sooner or later the time comes when it is necessary to repair or update equipment.

Firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” offers a full range of diagnostics, repairs and modernization of the existing car fleet (including the integration of the NATISK system).

It could be:

  • chassis;
  • fire superstructures;
  • water-foam communications;
  • fire pumps;
  • cisterns for water and foamer;
  • paintwork;
  • electrical equipment;
  • warming of equipment;
  • upholstering of fire superstructures with aluminum sheets;
  • installation of rolling shutters of compartments;
  • replacement of the inner lining of the cabin of crew;
  • much more.

On the production facilities of the Plant work of any complexity can be carried out. If necessary, after preliminary consultations, it is possible specialist on-site visit on location area of vehicle.

Also, the plant’s specialists have gained extensive experience in the design and creation of metal structures of varying complexity. Orders for metal structures are accepted both from companies and from individuals.

For consultation, contact our specialists on e-mail: