The NATISK system celebrated its 10th anniversary

In 2020, the NATISK system celebrated its 10th anniversary. All this time we have been improving our product, collecting and analyzing data from both laboratory research and from combat performance. During this period, we have accumulated the richest experience in production and real operation: we have improved the design, perfected the technical characteristics. For several...


Fire tanker FT-1,0-40 (С42R33) with integrated system NATISK-100BL

It is possible to increase the time of continuous operation of a fire tanker, due to the use of compression foam NATISK .


Expansion of the range of mobile units NATISK-300 BL

The firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” does not stand still and is constantly working to expand its model range. In addition, the Plant is modernizing the existing model range to meet the requirements of customers.


NATISK received the Patent!

The developments executed by specialists of our enterprise are patented. The firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” received a patent for the method of fire extinguishing.


Novelty!NATISK-300 BL on the chassis Pickup!

The successful combination of the comfortable all-wheel drive chassis and effective fire extinguishing system NATISK-300 BL will allow to solve problems of fire safety in remote territories. This type of car can be produced on different bases of the Pick-up type and equipped with a rescue tool kit.


In Noginsk has passed the X International salon “Integrated Security — 2017&#82...

From June 6 to June 9 on the territory of the Noginsk rescue center of Emercom of Russia passed the X International salon  “Integrated Security – 2017”.