Here is shown a detailed video of extinguishing of various kinds of fires by high performance fire-extinguishing system by compression foam  NATISK, from various events and tests. After watching it, you can be sure in quality and speed of extinguishing by system NATISK.


The video provides general information about firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika”

and information about the System Natisk (testing and modification of production).

Demonstration tests were conducted at the training center of the Ural Fire Safety Institute

For tests were used units of fire extinguishing NATISK-35 BL and NATISK-50 BL ,

as well as fire truck of first aid APP-0,3-2,0 NATISK (3909).

Demonstration events for shopping centers, with application of mobile units NATISK

March 4, 2015 on the territory of the educational center of the Ural Institute of State Fire Service

of Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia was held a demonstration event of extinguishing

of model fire hearths by high effective extinguishing system NATISK.

The main purpose of the event was to demonstrate the capabilities of mobile units

of fire-extinguishing NATISK for their application in shopping centers.

Russian Minister of Emergency Situations expressed interest to the innovative product of the Ural enterprise

15 October 2014. at the landfill of Noginsk Rescue Center (Moscow region) was held

“Day of advanced technologies and innovations in the system of

Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations 2014”.

Firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” (Ekaterinburg) has been awarded themain award –

a cup of Russian Emergencies Ministry for the best development.

Test of system NATISK for forest fire extinguishing

In the summer of 2013 were carried out the tests system NATISK for forest fire extinguishing.

Test of mobile unit Natisk-300BL for paint and varnish plant  

13 March 2014. passed new tests of mobile unit NATISK-300M BL specifically for the factory

paint and varnish production. For testing were provided technical liquid.

System Natisk. Extinguishing of a highly flammable liquid

Application of system NATISK in extinguishing of oil products. The system NATISK

extinguishes 150  liters of diesel fuel during 15 seconds. During this uses 5 liters of water

and 30 grams of 1% foaming agent for general use.

Extinguishing of a wooden construction

Application of system NATISK in extinguishing of wood products.

System Natisk. Extinguishing of a polystyrene

Application of system NATISK in extinguishing of production of chemical industry.

System Natisk – extinguishing of rubber

Comparison of extinguishing by water and high performance system of fire-extinguishing

by compression foam NATISK of the rubber products.

System Natisk. Test of the mobile unit

Test of the mobile unit NATISK-300M BL.

System Natisk. Application in the forest

Application of system NATISK in the forests.