Fire tankers

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Fire tankers

Production of fire tanker (fire trucks) – a complicated and responsible technological process, in which involves only the employees of the highest qualification.

   Firefighting Vehicles Plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” produces fire tankers on chassis of all car manufacturers (both domestic and foreign production) such as URAL, KAMAZ, GAZ and others.

The first stage of creation is the preparation of the chassis for installation of cistern and fire-fighting equipment.

Production of knots of the cistern performed in parallel on several objects that can significantly reduce time of orders performance.

The presence of construction department allows operatively and with high reliability solve problems of changes in construction of the model. For installation on fire tankers used different types of pumps of leading domestic and foreign companies. Location of the pump can be middle or rear type depending on the model.

After installation of cistern and compartments on the chassis in them are doing different knots for fixing of the firefighting technical armament.

Possibilities of the company allow to manufacture containers with a capacity of water up to 13,000 liters  and appropriate containers for foam extinguishing. On customer request, as a material of cistern can be used stainless steel.

North variant of the tanker model includes installation of additional autonomous heater, cabin insulation and container heat insulating material, also if needed to install electric heaters.

All vehicles pass plant tests, performing their run and checking of systems for compliance with the technical requirements and standards of fire safety.

All vehicles have the approval of the vehicle type.