Fire tanker FT-6,0-40 (43118)

Fire tanker FT-6,0-40 (43118)

Category Fire tanker
Chassis Kamaz
Wheel arrangement 6х6
Water tank capacity 6000
Natisk Completed

Fire tanker FT-6,0-40 (43118) is intended for delivery of a combat crew, fire-fighting armament, rescue tools and a stock of fire extinguishing agents to the place of fire.

It can be used as an independent combat unit or as a pumping unit when working in “pumping” with one or more tankers.

Technical Parameters of Fire tanker FT-6,0-40 (43118) 

  Base chassis

Kamaz – 43118

Drive wheel


Engine power, horsepower

   205,94 (280)

Engine type

Diesel engine



Truck crew, ppl

7 (6+1)

Overall dimensions, mm 8650х2500х3300
Water tank capacity, l


Foam tank capacity, l


Type of applied fire pump NCPN-40
Rated pumping capacity

(normal pressure stage), l/sec

Pumping head at rated capacity

(normal pressure stage) m H2O

Fire pump position backwards
Vacuum system AVS-01E
Max. pump lifting capacity, m 7,5
Valid full name FT-6,0-40 (43118)

Fire tanker can be equipped with option “integrated system NATISK“.

Technical characteristics of system NATISK:

The extinguishing agent compression foam
Volume of foamer, l 2
Volume of produced foam, l 1 500 – 6 000
Consumption of ready foam, l / s 15
Operating pressure in bar 5
Maximum pressure in bar 10
Dosing of foamer,% 0,6
Range of feed of water through the hand barrel , m до 25
Air supply for foaming in air cylinders
Air cylinder, l 50
Type of foamer,% 1

Design Features

  • Comfortable cabin design enables occupancy for the fire-crew of 7 people (including the driver).
  • Cabin of fire-crew consists of two sections: front and rear. They are connected by audio-visual intercom via window aperture, which is sealed automatically when the cabin is switched to the transport position.
  • Cabin is equiped with an independent heater.
  • Can be serviced in temperate climate at an ambient temperature from -40 to + 40 °C.
  • By increasing the height of the inner space of the cabin is achieved comfortable movement of fire-crew inside of it.