Description of system NATISK

NATISK – it is a new highly efficient system of fire extinguishing by compression foam.

Developed by LLC Firefighting Vehicles Plant “Spetsavtotekhnika”  (Russia, Ekaterinburg) in 2011.

Purpose: to increase the efficiency of fight fires in many times by the use of powerful, modern means of fire.

Compression foam – extinguishing agent is produced in fire extinguishing installation NATISK, by means of forced foaming compressed air  solution consisting of water and a small amount of blowing agent. All the ingredients are dosed in strictly defined proportions. Physical parameters of the foam, and thus extinguishing properties of the foam – changes by means of changing the ratio of ingredients. Can be produced – crude (heavy) foam with a ratio of 1:5 (water, air) and dry (easy) foam with a ratio of 1:20.

Compression foam NATISK successfully used for extinguishing fires: Class А – Ordinary combustibles sources e.g. wood, cloth, rubber, paper, and some types of plastics., Class В – Flammable liquids (petrol, oil, paint and also some waxes & plastics, but not cooking fats or oils). NATISK – is setting of constant application! NATISK is optimal when extinguishing flats, industrial buildings, vehicles, gardens, rural buildings, forest areas, etc.

The main advantages of compression foam NATISK:

1. Quick shot down of flame and temperature reduction. Reducing the time from fire fighting to 5-7 times (500-700%!).

2. Reduction in the charge of water in the 5-15 times (500-1500%!) by shortening the time of work of fire trunk.

Application of system NATISK allows you to:

  • instantly bring down the main flame;
  • drastically reduce temperature impact;
  • quickly and safely move firefighter in the decisive direction;
  • supply extinguishing agents on the vertical pressure line to a height of 250 m;
  • operate at high and low temperatures (from + 60 °C up to – 60 °C);
  • significantly reduce the time of supplying a first trunk  up to stage of the complete elimination of the fire;
  • significantly reduce water consumption;
  • significantly reduce the direct damage from a fire by decreasing time of localization the fire;
  • significantly reduce secondary damage from fire fighting (no spillage of water!);
  • reduce the time of arrival to the fire place through the use easier vehicles;
  • freely maneuver in tight spaces when using midsize car;
  • repeatedly increase the efficiency of heavy vehicles when they are need;
  • reduce operating costs through the use of less heavy technique.

Useful properties of compression foam:

  1. The low thermal conductivity at the expense contained in the the air bubbles . Drawing of sheetings  compression foam NATISK up at the ceiling and walls of a burning building  insulate  adjacent and overlying floors of penetration of high temperatures (fire, damage to premises or property, the risk of life). For protection of buildings, located next to seat of the operational  fire protective  coating  is applied the compression foam NATISK. Rapidly cover prevents overgrowth of fire caused the wind. This property is especially important for fighting fires in terms of dense rural of built up, as well as in forest fires. Updating coverage destroyed by the contact with fire, is extremely cost.
  2. A small amount of water in the compression foam NATISK and fast knocking main flame significantly reduce vapor formation, which greatly improves visibility when extinguishing, increases the accuracy and reduces the risk of fire burn injuries firefighter. Compression foam NATISK can be installed on different bases chassis.

Efficiency of extinguishing of water under normal conditions – approximately 10%, in the forest – no more than 5%. The quenching efficiency by compression foam NATISK – 80%.

None of the currently applicable way of extinguishing in the Russian  fire departments  does not provide the same high level of efficiency.

Operation of the unit NATISK simpler than with conventional fire pump. Acquaintance and instruction of methods of operation takes approximately 2 hours, not even a professional firefighter.

Extinguishing a of compression foam NATISK – is not a high-cost, since dosing of foam carried out in a very small amount, from 0.5 to 0.6%. A 5-to 7-fold decrease in the use of water minimizes damage to buildings from the straits, which is frequently far exceeds  the damage caused by the fire.

Benefits from the acquisition of system NATISK:

1. Confidence in the localization of a large fire before the arrival of fire units, or even possibly an independent fire suppression.

2. Protection of adjacent buildings and structures from the spread of fire.

3. Preservation of property by minimizing spills.

4. Cheap consumables (foaming agent, water, compressed air).


Capabilities of the system NATISK