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Project NATISK

Fire can break out on any object. It can be industrial enterprises and objects of agriculture, schools, kindergartens, apartment buildings, forests, etc.

Firefighting Vehicles Plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” offers highly effective solution for the protection of property, which can be lost in the fire – System NATISK.

Highly effective system of extinguishing by compression foam NATISK help in protecting against fire. The system NATISK allows in multiple times to increase the effectiveness of fire fighting. This is possible through the use of modern technologies in the field of firefighting.


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The company has implemented a multi-level quality control for design and manufacturing processes according to the quality system ISO 9001: 2015.

FVP “Spetsavtotekhnika” is an active member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, which indicates its reliability and stability.

Employees of the company carry out a full cycle of customer support from the moment of receipt of the application until the transfer of finished products, as well as the full range of after-sales technical support.

FVP “Spetsavtotekhnika” is innovative company. Plant is a developer of unique innovative product which doesn’t have analogues in Russia – highly effective system of fire extinguishing by compression foam NATISK .


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Sizikova Marina
Head of Sales Department
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Manager of Sales Department
Potapov Alexander
Manager of Sales Department