Trailer NATISK-300 BL

Trailer NATISK-300 BL

Category NATISK
Natisk Mobile units
Volume of extinguishing agents 6 000

Mobile unit of extinguishing NATISK-300BL

Firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” has developed and delivered for one of the industrial enterprises of the city Arkhangelsk an insulated trailer with a fire extinguishing unit by compression foam NATISK – 300 BL.

The trailer is equipped with one fire extinguishing unit by compression foam NATISK – 300 BL with a low pressure hose reel, as well as two mobile powder fire extinguishers.

The NATISK insulated trailer is designed for operation in remote areas and in low temperature conditions. The amount of supplied fire extinguishing agents is up to 6000 liters (comparable in terms of resource with a heavy class fire tanker).

The advantages of this model:

– Operation at negative temperatures due to the insulated body and two heaters.

– NATISK – 300 BL is resistant to operation at low temperatures (up to – 30 °C). Subject to storage in a heated room until the time of operation.

– Fire extinguishing unit NATISK is removable. If necessary, it can be placed on another object.

– A trailer with a fire extinguishing unit NATISK can be moved by any vehicle with a tow bar.

– The plastic cover will withstand frost and heat, snow and rain, so fire extinguishing unit will be safe.

– Reliable fixation of the cover during extinguishing due to gas stops.

– The trailer can be used for other purposes by removing the installation.

Technical specifications of mobile unit of extinguishing NATISK-300BL:

Model NATISK-300 BL
Overall dimensions, mm 1380х1000х1070
Weight of equiped unit, kg 650
Water tank capacity, l 300
Type of foaming agent   Hydrocarbon synthetic 1%,

made in Russian Federation

Foamer amount, l 3
Frequency rate of foam 5-20
The volume of the foam, l up to 6000
Consumption of solute, l/s 1,6-2,4
Time of work of the unit, sec 125-187
Range of feed foam jet, m till 23
Air tank 50 l. 200 atm.
Working pressure in unit, atm. 5-7
Hoseline d.51 with GR-50
Hose line length, m 40 (2 hoses with length 20 m)

Basic equipment:

  • Foam making hand trunk of pistol type DELTA (1 pc.)
  • Pressure hose d.51with GR-50 (1 pc.)
  • Hydrocarbon synthetic 1% foam, made in Russian Federation, 10l

For more information, please contact the sales department.