Mobile units NATISK

Mobile units of extinguishing by compression foam NATISK

For more than 20 years firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” is producing fire-fighting technique. More than 100 models of technique was released during this time.

In 2011, specialists of the plant set a goal:

1. Create a system that can boost the efficiency of fire fighting in many times due to modern fire fighting agents;

2. Create a system that can be used successfully by professional formations and ordinary people for effective (unlike conventional fire extinguishers) protection of your home, garage, garden, baths, part-time farm and everything that can be lost in fire.

The result of almost two years of work was the development of highly efficient system of firefighting NATISK.

In early 2012, in mass production was launched a line of cars (URAL, KAMAZ, GAZ)equipped with system NATISK, intended for public fire units.

As early as November 2012 in mass production  launched line units equipped with the system NATISK, which can successfully used by ordinary people, businesses, voluntary fire units. The system is offered both in stationary, mobile (its own wheelbase) versions and the version on a trailer.

Efficiency of extinguishing of water under normal conditions – approximately 10%, in the forest – no more than 5%. The quenching efficiency by compression foam NATISK – 80%.

None of the currently applicable way of extinguishing in the Russian  fire departments  does not provide the same high level of efficiency.

Operation of the unit NATISK simpler than with conventional fire pump. Acquaintance and instruction of methods of operation takes approximately 2 hours, not even a professional firefighter.

Extinguishing a of compression foam NATISK – is not a high-cost, since dosing of foam carried out in a very small amount, from 0.5 to 0.6%. A 5-to 7-fold decrease in the use of water minimizes damage to buildings from the straits, which is frequently far exceeds  the damage caused by the fire.

Benefits from the acquisition of system NATISK:

1. Confidence in the localization of a large fire before the arrival of fire units, or even possibly an independent fire suppression.

2. Protection of adjacent buildings and structures from the spread of fire.

3. Preservation of property by minimizing spills.

4. Cheap consumables (foaming agent, water, compressed air).