Mobile unit NATISK-35 BL

Mobile unit NATISK-35 BL

Category NATISK
Natisk Mobile units
Volume of extinguishing agents 580

Mobile unit of extinguishing NATISK-35BL

The NATISK-35BL fire extinguishing installation is a mobile device weighing 85 kg, with wheels for ease of transportation. The fire extinguishing agent supply range is up to 18 meters, the volume of produced foam is up to 330 liters.

Detailed description of the system NATISK can be explored here.

Technical specifications of NATISK-35BL:

Model NATISK-35 BL
Overall dimensions, mm

(horizontal version)

Weight of equiped unit, kg 85
Water tank capacity, l 33
Type of foaming agent, %   1-6
Foamer amount (1%), l 0,33
The volume of the produced foam, l up to 330
Solute consumption, l/s 0,7
Time of work of the unit, sec 47
Range of feed foam jet, m up to 18
Air tank 10 l. 150 atm.
Working pressure in unit, atm. 10

Basic equipment:

  • Foam making hand trunk of pistol type (1 pc.)
  • Flexible hose (1 pc.)
  • Hydrocarbon synthetic 1% foam, made in Russian Federation, 10 l

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