Mobile unit NATISK-100 BL

Mobile unit NATISK-100 BL

Category NATISK
Natisk Mobile units
Volume of extinguishing agents 1 500

Mobile unit of extinguishing NATISK-100BL

The NATISK-100BL fire extinguishing unit is a mobile fire extinguishing device weighing 207 kg, mounted on a frame or trailer, the fire extinguishing agent supply range is up to 20 meters, the volume of produced foam is up to 900 liters.

Technical specifications of NATISK-100BL:

Model NATISK-100 BL
Overall dimensions, mm

(horizontal version)

Weight of equiped unit, kg 207
Water tank capacity, l 100
Type of foaming agent   Hydrocarbon synthetic 1%,

made in Russian Federation

Foamer amount, l 1
Frequency rate of foam 5-20
The volume of the foam, the multiplicity

1:5 (wet foam) and 1:20 (dry foam), l

up to 900
Solute consumption, l/s 1,6
Time of work of the unit, sec 63
Range of feed foam jet, m till 20
Air tank 12 l. 200 atm.
Working pressure in unit, atm. 5-7
Hoseline d.51 with GR-50
Hose line length, m 20 (2 hoses with length 10 m)

Basic equipment:

  • Foam making hand trunk of pistol type DELTA (1 pc.)
  • Pressure hose d.51 with GR-50 (2 pc.)
  • Hydrocarbon synthetic 1% foam, made in Russian Federation, 10l

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