Fire tanker FT-3,0-40 NATISK(43253)

Fire tanker FT-3,0-40 NATISK(43253)

Category Fire tanker, Fire tanker NATISK
Chassis Kamaz
Wheel arrangement 4x2
Water tank capacity 3000
Pump PN-40UV
Natisk Completed

On fire tanker FT-3,0-40 NATISK (43253) (own development of firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika”) provides the opportunity to work from an external source of water and supply as well as a compression foam and water.

Fire fighting vehicle due to its small dimensions is suitable for use in urban environments.

The big advantage of fire tanker FT-3,0-40 NATISK (43253) is the opportunity of its use in areas with hard to reach water supply because of getting up to 50 000 liters of fire extinguishing agents.



Base chassis КАМАZ 43253
Drive wheel 4х2
Engine power, horsepower 210
Engine type Diesel engine
Combat crew, ppl 7
Overall dimensions, mm 7600х2500х3100
Water tank capacity, l 3000
Air supply for foaming unlimited
Foam tank capacity, l 50
Number of barrels, filing the foam 2
Number of barrels, filing the water 1
Valid full name FT-3,0-40 NATISK(43253)
Previous full name АPSТ NATISK-3000 KS (43253)

Specifications of pump installation:

Type of pump centrifugal fire pump
Nominal delivery in l / s 9
Nominal head, bar 100
Max. pump lifting capacity, m 7,5
Range of feed of water through the hand barrel , m 40

Specifications of system NATISK:

The extinguishing agent compression foam
Volume of produced foam, l until 50 000
Reproducibility by the foam, l / s 30-50
Operating pressure in bar 7
Maximum pressure in bar 12
Dosing of foamer,% 0,1-1,0
Adjusting multiplicity of foam from 1:5 till 1:20
Range of feed of water through the hand barrel , m 30


The uniqueness of system  NATISK:

– Reducing the of time extinguishing to 7 times

– Reducing of straits to a minimum

– Minimal risk of re-ignition

– Distance of the extinguishing agent – up to 30 meters

– Safety of fireman

-Protection of horizontal and vertical surfaces of the spread of fire

– Immediate deployment of on-site of fire

– ecology

– Possibility of work a small amount of the combat crew

– Lightness of pressure hoses with foam

– Extended range (low pressure loss)

– The possibility for vertical flow line to a height of 250 m



Extinguishing all types of fires:

– In the apartment block of any number of storeys

– In the cottage building

– In the forests

– In business structures

– in industrial plants

– on objects of petrochemical industry

This system can be installed on the chassis of different manufacturers.

For more information, please contact the sales department.