Fire tanker FT-6,0-40 (URAL NEXT 5557)

Fire tanker FT-6,0-40 (URAL NEXT 5557)

Category Fire tanker
Chassis URAL
Wheel arrangement 6х6
Water tank capacity 6000
Pump NCPN-40/100
Natisk Completed

Fire-fighting tanker FT 6,0-40 (5557) with a cabin of the “NEXT” type

Fire tanker FT 6,0-40 (Ural NEXT 5557) and it’s modifications equipped with a fire pump (a system for supplying compression foam), containers for storing liquid fire extinguishing agents (one or more containers for storing a foamer) and means of supplying them and are intended for delivery of combat crew, fire extinguishing agents, fire-fighting armament and rescue equipment  to the place of fire, to carry out actions to its extinguishing and carrying out emergency rescue operations, as well as actions at the enterprises of the petrochemical industry and in places where oil products are stored.

On September 23, 2020, on the territory of the Ural Automobile Plant, the car was presented to the delegation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

Technical Parameters of FT 6,0-40 (Ural NEXT 5557)

Base chassis

Ural-5557, type cabin “Next”

Drive wheel


Engine power, horsepower from 175 up to 241
Engine type

Diesel engine

Fuel Diesel
Truck crew, ppl 7 (6+1)
Overall dimensions, mm 8900 х 2550 х 3000-3650
Water tank capacity, l 6000
Foam tank capacity, l 6% of water capacity
Pump types NCPN-40/100
Rated pumping capacity, l/sec 40
Fire pump position backwards
Maximal pump lifting capacity, m 7,5

Design Features

  • For the convenience of the personnel, an enlarged cabin of the combat crew was installed.
  • To facilitate work in a fire – cases for suction hoses with a diameter of 125 mm are located at the level of the chassis frame.
  • For operational safety, the fire truck tank is made in a “T” shape, which made it possible to place the vehicle’s center of gravity in a safer plane.
  • The foam tank can be located inside the cavity of the tank, which makes it possible to maintain positive temperatures in it for a longer time, and also frees up space for placing an additional fire technical armament.
  • Spacious compartments for firefighting equipment bears capability to enhance standard features. To increase the amount of fire technical armament – The rear compartments are equipped with a swivel panel.
  • Fire tankers with a compression foam supply system are able to provide a fire extinguishing agent supply of at least 40,000 liters on a fire.