Fire tanker FT-9,0-40 (43118)

Fire tanker FT-9,0-40 (43118)

Category Fire tanker
Chassis Kamaz
Wheel arrangement 6х6
Water tank capacity 9000

Fire tanker FT-9,0-40 (43118)

Fire tanker FT-9.0-40 (43118) is intended for extinguishing of fires and carring out rescue operations. Serves for delivery of combat crew (in the amount of 3 people), fire extinguishing agents (water, foaming agent), fire-fighting armament and rescue tools.

Technical Parameters of FT-9.0-40 (43118)

Base chassis  Kamaz – 43118
Drive wheel


Engine power, kWt (hp)

         215 (221)

Maximum speed, km / h

90; 85; 85



Truck crew, ppl


Overall dimensions, mm 8650х2550х3500
Water tank capacity, l


Foam tank capacity, l 540
Model NCPN-40/100;



Rated pumping capacity (normal pressure stage), l/sec 40; 40; 70
Pumping head at rated capacity (normal pressure stage) m H2O 100
Fire pump position backwards
Max. pump lifting capacity, m 7,5
Full name FT–9,0-40 (43118)
Possibility of installation

the option “integrated NATISK

there is

Design Features

  • Stationary foam/water monitor installed on the roof of the cab.
  • Cabin is heated by standalone heater.
  • There are convenient retractable running boards under the lateral compartments.