The firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” does not stand still and is constantly working to expand its model range. In addition, the Plant is modernizing the existing model range to meet the requirements of customers.

The line of mobile units NATISK-300 BL has been replenished with a novelty. Plant Spetsavtotekhnika shipped to the customer a batch of two-axle trailers with NATISK – 300 BL mobile units installed on them.
Each trailer has  two reel installations.

The advantages of this model:

– Mobile units NATISK are removable. If necessary, you can put on different objects.
– Together, mobile units are capable of delivering up to 12 thousand liters of highly effective fire extinguishing agent!
– A dense trailer tarpaulin of the trailer will protect mobile units from bad weather, freezing and other harmful factors.
– Easy access to the settings through the viewing window.
– Ability to stand inside the trailer in full growth.
– Possibility of simultaneous supply of fire extinguishing agent from two different firing positions.
– A trailer with mobile units can be moved by different vehicles with towing hooks.
– The trailer can be used for other purposes by removing mobile units.

Mobile units can be used for extinguishing:
– in cottage buildings,
– at industrial enterprises,
– in warehouse complexes,
– in forests,
– at industrial enterprises,
– in agricultural enterprises,
– on other objects.