It is possible to increase the time of continuous operation of a fire tanker, due to the use of compression foam NATISK .

Thanks to the integrated NATISK-100BL system, the fire extinguishing tanker FT-1.0-40 (С42R33) is able to increase the stock of fire extinguishing agents taken out, in excess of the existing volume of the tank, up to 1500 liters of compression foam! Brief characteristics of the integrated system NATISK-100 BL:


Model NATISK-100 BL
Water tank capacity, l 100
Type of foaming agent   Hydrocarbon synthetic 1%,made in Russian Federation
Foamer amount, l 1
Frequency rate of foam 8-15
The volume of the foam, the multiplicity1:5 (wet foam) and 1:20 (dry foam), l up to 1500
Solute consumption, l/s 1,6
Time of work of the unit, min 63 seconds
Foam application method Intermittent
Range of feed foam jet, m till 20
Working pressure in unit, atm. 5-7

Filling with water is made from a tank. You can read more about the NATISK system on its page.