The developments executed by specialists of our enterprise are patented.

The firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” received a patent for the method of fire extinguishing.

This Patent extends to all range NATISK, both cars and mobile units. Thereby the Plant has protected the intellectual property from copying attempts, which in Russia derive lot of times. Technology  of fire extinguishing NATISK is one of the most progressive methods of fight against fire. On the basis of this technology all products of the production range NATISK are issued. On the basis of long-term researches of means and techniques of extinguishing of the natural and technogenic fires and on the basis of own patented technology, our enterprise develops and manufactures fire extinguishing systems of new generation. The technology of fire extinguishing NATISK is successfully applied both in fire trucks, and in modern stationary, automatic, portable and mobile devices of extinguishing of the fires.