The firefighting vehicles plant “Spetsavtotekhnika” shipped to the client Communication-Site-on-Light Truck COLT-12 on the GAZ C42R33 chassis.

It is designed to illuminate working area of fire departments in a fire, provide communication between control point and the fire call receiving point, and serves to deliver the combat crew and a set of tools to the fire site. Upon arrival at the fire site, it is a powerstation that provides electricity to lighting units, communications and power tools, as well as the location of the fire extinguishing headquarters. The number of places for the combat crew in COLT  is 6 (5 + 1) people. In the cockpit of the combat crew, attachment points are equipped for breathing apparatus with compressed air placed in the back squab. Fastening of spare cylinders for breathing apparatus is placed between the driver’s and squad leader’s seats. The COLT body is a welded structure made of aluminum profiles, lined with aluminum sheets using adhesive technology. Sliding shelves with a fixation function are installed in the  compartments for fire technical armament. Doors of compartments of a body are curtain type, from an aluminum alloy. The electric power plant is capable of generating a voltage of 220V, the generator power is 12 kW. Outside, a lighting mast is installed on the right rear of the body. By agreement with the customer, a mobile lighting mast with a height of at least 8 m, with a luminous flux of at least 200,000 Lm, with remote control can be supplied with the car.