Communication-Site-on-Light Truck COLT-12 (C42R33)

Communication-Site-on-Light Truck COLT-12 (C42R33)

Category Fire-Fighting vehicles
Chassis GAZ
Wheel arrangement 4x2
Natisk Not completed

Communication-Site-on-Light Truck COLT-12 (C42R33)  is intended to illuminate working area of fire departments in a fire, provide communication between control point and the fire call receiving point, and serves to deliver the combat crew and a set of tools to the fire site.

Upon arrival at the fire site, it is a powerstation that provides electricity to lighting units, communications and power tools, as well as the location of the fire extinguishing headquarters.

Sliding shelves with a fixation function are installed in the  compartments for fire technical armament.

The electric power plant is capable of generating a voltage of 220V, the generator power is 12 kW. Outside, a lighting mast is installed on the right rear of the body.



Base chassis GAZ-C42R33
Drive wheel 4х2/rear
Engine power, horsepower 124,2
Engine type diesel
Combat crew, ppl 6(1+5)
Overall dimensions, mm 7500х2350х3000
Generator power, kW 12
Lighting mast, Lm 200,000
Valid full name COLT-12 (C42R33)

The delivery set of FRV can include any fire-technical armament at the request of the customer:

  • Personal protective equipment.
  • Means of communication.
  • Fire fighting equipment.
  • Rescue gears.
  • Electric power equipment.
  • Other equipment and accessories.

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