Fast response vehicle FRV-0,3-2,0-NATISK (3909)

Fast response vehicle FRV-0,3-2,0-NATISK (3909)

Category Fire-Fighting vehicles, FRV NATISK
Chassis UAZ
Wheel arrangement 4х4
Water tank capacity 300
Natisk Completed

Budgetary compact multipurpose vehicle with high cross – FRV-0,3-2,0-NATISK (UAZ 3909):

– with a capacity only 300 liters of water is able to supply up to 6 000 liters of highly effective extinguishing agent !!!

– works from the compressor (has an unlimited supply of air for foaming).

– has the opportunity of refueling during fire.

– has an opportunity of choosing foamer.

– has a wheel drive 4×4.

and much other opportunities.

APP-0,3-2,0-NATISK (UAZ 3909) was presented at the VIII International Salon “Integrated Safety and Security 2015”


Base chassis UAZ-3909 UAZ-3909
Drive wheel 4х4 4х4
Engine power, horsepower 106,8 106,8
Engine type Injection engine Injection engine
Combat crew, ppl 4 3
Overall dimensions, mm 4550х2100х2500 4440х1940х2500
Water tank capacity, l 300 300
Foam tank capacity, l 2 2
Air reserves for foaming in cylinders unlimited
Compressor, atm 10
Number of barrels, filing the foam 1 1
Number of barrels, filing the water 0 1
Valid full name FRV 0,3-2,0 NATISK (3909) FRV 0,3-2,0 NATISK (3909)
Previous full name АPST NATISK-300 BL (3909)


Name FRV 0,3-2,0 NATISK (3909) (with cylinders) FRV 0,3-2,0 NATISK (3909) (with compressor)
The extinguishing agent supply of high effective compression foam supply of high effective compression foam
Volume of produced foam, l from 1500 liters (wet foam) up to 6000 liters (dry foam) from 1500 liters (wet foam) up to 6000 liters (dry foam)
Dosing of foamer,% 0,1-1,0 0,1-1,0
Foam flow,  l / s  till 15  till 25
Range of feed of foam through the hand barrel , m till 30 till 30
Diameter of hose lines, mm 38 51
Length of hose lines, m 120 120



– Reducing the of time extinguishing to 7 times

– Reducing of straits to a minimum

– Minimal risk of re-ignition

– Distance of the extinguishing agent – up to 30 meters

– Safety of fireman

-Protection of horizontal and vertical surfaces of the spread of fire

– Immediate deployment of on-site of fire

– ecology

– Possibility of work a small amount of the combat crew

– Lightness of pressure hoses with foam

– Extended range (low pressure loss)

– The possibility for vertical flow line to a height of 250 m



– In the apartment block of any number of storeys

– In the cottage building

– In the forests

– In business structures

– in industrial plants

– on objects of petrochemical industry

This system can be installed on the chassis of different manufacturers.

For more information, please contact the sales department.