Vehicle of combined extinguishing VCE-3,0/2500-70/20 (65111)

Vehicle of combined extinguishing VCE-3,0/2500-70/20 (65111)

Category FFT, VPE, VCE, Fire-Fighting vehicles
Chassis Kamaz
Wheel arrangement 6х6
Water tank capacity 3000

Fire vehicle of combined extinguishing VCE-3,0/2500-70/20 (65111) is designed for combined extinguishing of fires with water, air-mechanical foam and powder.

Through the use of the KAMAZ 65111 all-wheel drive chassis, vehicle has excellent off-road qualities and can be equally efficiently operated in any road conditions.


Base chassis  Kamaz – 65111
Drive wheel


Engine power, horsepower

         206 (280)

Engine type

Diesel engine



Truck crew, ppl

6 (5+1)

Overall dimensions, mm 9450 х 2500 х 3300
Water tank capacity, l 3000
Foam tank capacity, l 180
Type of fire pump NCPN-70/100
 Full name of foam fire tanker VCE-3,0/2500-70/20 (65111)


  • Stationary foam/water monitor is mounted on the roof of the cab.
  • Comfortable cabin design enables occupancy for the fire-crew of 6 people (including the driver).
  • Сabin of the truck crew is double row consists of two parts:Front nominal  leaning back, rear stationary. They are connected by audio-visual intercom via window aperture.
  • Сabin is heated by standalone heater (preheater).