Fire-rescue vehicle FRV-0,8-40 (С42R33)

Fire-rescue vehicle FRV-0,8-40 (С42R33)

Category ERV, FRSV,VFR, Fire-Fighting vehicles
Chassis GAZ
Wheel arrangement 4 х 2/back
Water tank capacity 800

Fire-rescue vehicle on the chassis GAZon NEXT VFR-0.8-40 (С42R33)

Fire-rescue vehicle on the chassis GAZon NEXT FRV-0.8-40 (С42R33) is intended to deliver personnel and fire-technical armament to the place of fire, to extinguish fires with water and / or compression foam, and to carry out rescue operations in cities and other settlements, at the enterprises of the petrochemical industry and in places of storage of oil products.

FRV can be operated in temperate regions on roads of all kinds.

Technical parameters:

Base chassis GAZ-С42R33
Wheel arangement 4 х 2/rear
Engine power, horsepower 109,5
Engine type diesel
Overall dimensions (not more), mm 7500х2350х3000
Truck crew, ppl 7
Water tank capacity, l 800
Foam tank capacity, l 60
Execution options VFR-0,8-40 (С42R33)

VFR-1,0-40 (C42R33)

VFR-1,0-90/300 (С42R33)

VFR-1,6-40 (C42R33)

The VFR delivery set may include any fire-technical armament (FTA) at the request of the customer:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Communication tools
  • Fire fighting armament
  • Rescue equipment
  • Emergency-rescue tools
  • Electric power Equipment
  • Devices for chemical and radiation reconnaissance
  • Sanitary installation
  • Other equipment and complete set