In 2020, the NATISK system celebrated its 10th anniversary. All this time we have been improving our product, collecting and analyzing data from both laboratory research and from combat performance.

During this period, we have accumulated the richest experience in production and real operation: we have improved the design, perfected the technical characteristics. For several years, thanks to our solution, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations extinguished a large number of fires in a variety of areas and under various conditions.

“NATISK” today is a powerful, developed, patent-protected brand of compression foam systems of the widest application, providing a particularly high level of fire extinguishing for both the forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and ordinary citizens.

Manufactured products are divided into three main areas.

The first direction of NATISK is vehicles, which include more than 10 models of basic fire trucks from light fast response vehicles to heavy fire tankers, equipped with systems of various performance.

The second direction is NATISK mobile units, the model range of which consists of units with capacities of 12, 35, 100, 300 and 600 liters. I would also like to note that NATISK-12 BL and NATISK-35 BL are certified to extinguish fires in electrical installations under voltage up to 1000 V.

The third direction is the retrofitting of NATISK systems with screw compressors for fire trucks that are in operation. This is a promising direction, when the fire-extinguishing capacity of a tank truck rises to a high level at a moderate cost.