Rescue vehicle RV-20 (43114)

Rescue vehicle RV-20 (43114)

Category Rescue vehicles
Chassis Kamaz
Natisk Completed


  • hydraulic rescue tool,
  • alternating current generator 220V,
  • lighting equipment,
  • communications and warning device,
  • a set of pneumatic lifting jacks,
  • cutting equipment,
  • respiratory protection  equipment,
  • fire-fighting equipment

Rescue vehicles can be equipped with highly effective mobile units NATISK-35 BL


  • the body is equipped with the site for the transportation of cargo,
  • side door of compartments and rear doors provide easy and quick access to equipment, placed in a car,
  • lifting device installed in the rear part of the vehicle allows demounting obstructions.


The rescue vehicle RV-20 (43114) is designed to deliver the crew, rescue, medical, anti-fire, technical and other specialized equipment to the place of fire (of the accident), and perform actions in the rescue work. RV can be used in areas of temperate climate on all kinds of roads.